As an avid emacs user I am delighted to be able to access DTML objects
via FTP. Recently I have been creating some ZClass hierarchies and
have been disappointed to discover that while I can access, via FTP,
the methods of a top-level ZClass, I can't access any methods of
ZClasses defined inside of a top-level ZClass. Is this a known
limitation of the FTP interface?

Interestingly, but perhaps merely coincidental, I notice that the URLs
of contained ZClasses as generated by the Zope management interface
have a "%20" immediately following the name of each contained ZClass
(but not the top-level ZClasss) - e.g,


Upon observing this, I had hoped that I could find success by
similarly modify my emacs FTP spec, as in:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/Control_Panel/Products/newprod/toplev/propertysheets/methods/seclev%20/propertysheets/methods


    [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/Control_Panel/Products/newprod/toplev/propertysheets/methods/seclev 

(yes, I used C-q space)

But neither of these worked.

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