In the past few days I have been working on a patch that will
let you edit ZClasses via FTP without the need for typing in
actual pathnames to get to the methods (mainly so I can edit
ZClasses with HTML-Kit).  Strangely enough, even with the 
modifications, I see this same thing.

I've included this patch in case anyone wants to play around
with it.  It's not the greatest, and definitely needs to be
modified (some of the security mechanisms are bound to be 
broken).  But it is a start anyway. ;)  

> Interestingly, but perhaps merely coincidental, I notice that the URLs
> of contained ZClasses as generated by the Zope management interface
> have a "%20" immediately following the name of each contained ZClass
> (but not the top-level ZClasss) - e.g, 


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