(I submitted this as a bug report, and then I later discovered this
list. So perhaps it's overkill to send this here, too. Normally I would
have sent it here first, then filed a bug report if it was obvious that
it was a new bug. So I apologize for the redundancy).

When I click "ADD" to add a zope tutorial, I get a dialog box from my
browser that says "unable to locate server localhost:8080". If I click
anything else, then the server seems to restart (I'm running with z2.py
-D). I don't get any error messages, other than the server restart
messages. If I do two ADD's in a row (i.e. attempt to add the tutorial
a second time), then the server terminates after restarting once.

I did see the messages regarding creating a non-admin user and
authenticating as that user (by first terminating the zope process). I
did all that.

Any ideas? I'm a complete newbie, so it'd be helpful to be able to run
through the tutorial.

Please note that I'm using the latest zope tarball:

  Linux Mandrake 6.0, zope2.3.0a1, Python 2.0, Communicator 4.6.

Bob Sidebotham


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