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> Is the recommended install of Python Scripts for Zope 2.24 this?
> even though it appears to be exactly one year old today (13-Dec)?

Wow, I didn't realize today was its anniversary :-)  No, this isn't the
recommended install of Python Scripts, but it is the closest thing currently

> Can I just copy the PythonScripts  product from my 2.3_a1 Products
> directory to the appropriate location on a 2.24 server or should I use
> the PythonMethod from above? Are there implications for upgrades from
> Methods to Scripts? Am I missing something(s)? (probably) Please advise.

PythonMethod and PythonScripts are independent Products, providing objects
with different meta-types.  They can be installed side-by-side perfectly
safely, and both Python Methods and Python Scripts can be used at the same
time, and even together.

I haven't tried installing PythonScripts in a pre-2.3 Zope, but I have no
reason to expect that it would fail, except in one feature:  Since pre-2.3
Zopes don't support the __render_with_namespace__ protocol, you would always
have to pass parameters explicitly when calling from DTML, and wouldn't be
able to bind the caller's namespace.

If you want to give it a shot, the worst thing that I would expect it to do
is fail and produce error messages when you try to create or use Python
Scripts.  Want to write a Howto? ;-)


Evan @ digicool & 4-am

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