The Doctor What wrote:
> * Michael Bernstein ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [001215 10:05]:
> > The Doctor What wrote:
> > Ok, then problem may be in your SiteRoot. What are the
> > settings there?
> Really?  I wouldnt't have suspected the SiteRoot. lesse....
> Interesting.  It now works, if I fill in the Base.  Before, I
> had *nothing* in the SiteRoot access.  Simply putting a Base in
> and bing-bang-boom, it works!
> Thanks for the help.  Though the impression I got from the
> documentation is that this should have worked with the defaults....
> Perhaps I don't understand exactly what Base and Path in a SiteRoot
> actually do....

Base replaces the portion of your URL comprised of the
protocol and fully qualified domain name:
'' becomes

Path replaces the rest of the URL up to and including the
folder containing the SiteRoot: '/hosted_sites/site1/'
typically becomes '/'

So the object that would have been published as
'', now becomes

Both of these settings affect such environment variables as
BASEx and URLx which construct URL fragments for use in

The Access Rule only redirects requests from one object to
another by manipulating the stack, it doesn't affect the
REQUEST namespace.

You would generally be better off leaving the SiteRoot out,
rather than putting one in and leaving it's properties

Does this help?

Michael Bernstein.

P.S. If you want to see exactly what the SiteRoot is doing,
add a DEBUG method to your folder. the DEBUG method should
contain <dtml-var REQUEST>. View the method both with and
without the SiteRoot.

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