That's why I thought it was a cool idea to use the 'catchall' or dead.letter
account - there's no security problems or administration problems.  Instead,
the 'pain' is managing that stuff inside zope, including parsing through one
big mailbox to 'divvy up' the mail - probably by some cron job every few

> From: Erik Enge <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> [Morten W. Petersen]
> | Yup.  The way that seems right is to proxy user-account creation through
> | sudo (unix (linux?) only), thoughts / comments ?
> Well, that probably depends on how you figure the administrator to
> work.  I think I would've tried to abstract the whole notion about
> «something under the hood» away from the administrator, and tried to
> be clever when I added and delete users within Zope (that is, the code
> being clever, not me).

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