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| ...except that assumes the mail server on the same box.  Going thru
| dead.letter means it can be anywhere... the cron script or whatever gets the
| bulk mail has the username/password for that one account.  Make sense?

Ah, I think I know what you mean..

Do you

        1) Want to be able to retrieve messages to the local box, from
                for example your ISP.

        2) Want to be able to use an external host with mail
                account only

        3) Same as 1, but retrieve the messages and store them
                in an arbitrary file


1) Have a local mail account, but retrieve from external mailhosts into it
2) Use *only* an external mail account as the source for mail, without
        intermittenly storing it at the local box
3) Make use of a pseudo spool file, located in ~/mbox, ~/misc/work-mail, etc.

The first suggestion is supported, by using fetchmail and a python interface,
but it isn't easily available in the interface (IIRC).

The second is also supported, but the differantion in the interface isn't
very clear, you may have to use <path-to-mail-instance>/base_edit.

The third is partially supported, but interfaces and options that make
it accessible will have to be built.

Am I making any sense?  =)



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