The moral of this whole story seems to shine through:

Don't install Zope from OS packages like debian, they never get it right and you will just end up getting confused ;-)



Andreas Pakulat wrote:

On 01.Apr 2005 - 14:34:22, Peter Bittner wrote:

Hi there!

I am running a Debian Linux box with Debian/testing (Sarge) and I am trying to get Plone up and running. I have made a clean, new install of the whole system last week, so all packages are really up-to-date and there was no dirty installation that was updated.

I have noticed that the Plone package on Debian is or was somewhat broken, but there was a notice about that on the Plone website (download page) which has disappeared. For me that looked like this problem was fixed by the package maintainer.

Unfortunately still, after installing Plone (and implicitly thus Zope 2.7) Zope did not want to come up, saying:

Did you read the debconf-pages that were presented to you during the
installation of zope and plone? I guess not, because else you won't
ask that question. Short answer: create a new Zope instance using
mkzope2.7instance, check it's config and remove the '#' on the lines:

products /usr/lib/zope2.7/lib/python/Products
products /usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products
products $INSTANCE/Products

To have Zope 2.7 find the Plone Product. The documentation of Zope and
Plone will explain why you need to do that.

 Zope starting all instances....
 '*' is an old/purged instance, not started

Looks like Zope2.7 finds an old 2.6 instance, but I'm not sure...


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