Sorry Eva,

You'll need to explain your problem more succintly for people to be able to help. If you really do need to scrape the urls from the text, then a combination of python's xml handling and regular expressions is probably what you're after, best done in an external method and not a python script...



MILLER Eva wrote:


I've been puzzling over something but can't figure out a solution. I have an RSS feed providing the content behind all the links on this page:

There's a nice bookmarklet tool in the world called LibraryLookup that lets you check whether a book you find on Amazon or something is in your library's catalog by scraping up the ISBN and launching an ISBN catalog search. It's a javascript, really. I thought I would adapt this

to create a little add-on for the stuff the bestsellers RSS brings back

to my site. What I need to do is pluck out the ISBNs in the links on a page like this one:

The ISBNs are all in the URLs for the book titles ("isbn=Some10digitNumberHere"). How would I look for a piece of text in

that shape, i.e., isbn=5893193390, then, if it's there, copy and paste that piece of information into the LibraryLookup javascript I have. The

end result should be that, if there's an ISBN in a feed result, an extra
link appears for each entry that says something like "Check the catalog," which you can click to look that book up in your own library's catalog.

I've been staring at the template that formats the RSS feed to figure out whether any TAL expression would work for this. I've been playing with a short Python script, then wondering how to call it within that template, but I think I have to use regular expressions to do it.

I'm sorry to be so lost on this, but I guess I am. I'd love to do something cool like this for our little Plinkit libraries. Can anyone help? I'll take anything from a broad strategy to actual code snippets (I'm a terrible programmer but a good librarian).

Eva the Librarian


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