Hi list,
 I've got some clarifications given below.

On Mon, 04 Apr 2005 16:08:50 +0100, Cliff Ford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am abstracting bits of your email below in case anyone else wants to 
> join in.
> If you are going to use Plone I can't offer advice - I have looked at 
> Plone on three separate occasions, and recently read The Definitive 
> Guide to Plone, and have stil decided not to use it. I only say this to 
> make it clear that many applications are built without CMS and Plone.

I had no idea about this. i knew that zope acts as a app server and
plone is the front end tool.
In fact I'm building the store's site as a plone site in zope. As a
matter of fact i've not done much specific in plone . just built 2
I configured the exUserFolder using the mysql database and as expected
it built up a seperate login system. so i believe it'll work on itself
without plone.
One problem that concerns next query is that it took only one table
for user details whereas i had one more table for district.

> Two separate tables with User information is awkward! The user folders I 
> know of expect user information to come from one source. So you either 
> have to create two folders, each with its own acl_users (provided by one 
> of the User Folder Products), or you have to hack the User Folder 
> product to put in a Union select statement in place of a simple Select.
> d quarters.

let me explain the login page flow. a dropdown list of districts is
available on load. on selecting a  district the page reloads and the
available users are listed in 2nd dropdown list.
after selecting the user the password is to be given. So that way i
need both the 'district' and the 'userdetail' table. actually the
district table has district code ,name and other stores related nfo.
userdetail table is linked using this district code.

> You have not said whether the people in the different districts do 
> completely different things with different forms, or identical things 
> but specifying the district. If the former then it is no big deal to 
> create the folders manually, although it can be done programmtically. 
> You could set a Local Role equal to the district name and get that role 
> for users from the database. That way, users can only enter their own 
> district folder. If the latter, then you could retrieve the Username and 
> District from the User object for use in the forms (include the District 
> as a role).

users are of different level like store-in-charge, sys mgmt group,
vendors and normal users.
they are in all the districts. so depending on the user level diffrent
set of menu page are to be generated ie. users of same level in
diferent districts do same thing.
In earlier ASP version I handled this in the login page handler ASP
page and wanted to use the same logic here.
district shouldn't be the user role , 'userlevel' will act as user role here.
but the folders would be districtwise, I suppose.

honestly I'm little bogged out by the exuserFolder feature, its using
Dtml all the way and I'm sticking to ZPTs and script pythons.

> Try working on the rest of your application to build up ZPT and Python 
> experience. As I said, managing users is tricky. Also, be aware that 
> Zope experts advise developers to produce file system based Products. 
> There are lots of simple Products that you can use and browse the code 
> to see how they work.
> Cliff

I completely understand this. but the problem remains the same . how
do i customise these products acccording to my needs.

hope this helps you in helping me. waiting for your reply.

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