Milos Prudek wrote:
What are the best documents for creating Zope products?

I know Zope Book very well and I write TTW scripts. I need to convert a bunch of ZClasses into Products.

ZDG seems very outdated. Should I start with mxmEasyProduct and then read ZDG? Is there a book available in bookshops that is better than ZDG and contains all required information for building products?

I don't know about best documents! There is a minimal Product How To:

Faced with the same problem (conversion of ZClasses to file system Products), I decided to have a look at Zope3X. There are a couple of good new books with worked examples - but as soon as I stepped off the guided path I found myself struggling. Still, I think I can see how to go from 2.7 to 3 and not bother with ZClasses.

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