Chris Withers wrote:

I wish I could impose my ideas on users. I respond to specs. Yes, I will fight the good fight when a spec is silly.

If this is coming from a spec, it's very silly, and a total waste of your time...

I've even turned down gigs because the client was stubborn and what they wanted would be a disaster.

So you turned this one down, right?

But URL "cloaking" is not silly to some clients and the pattern I described handles it nicely and has benefits well beyond maintaining a stable URL.

Oh? Do enlighten us... ;-)

Note: Sometimes I sense a "culture clash" between Advanced Zope developement guys,

"people with brains"

Web presentation guys

"people with too little brain to understand or care what usability really means" ;-)

and us lowly application developers that get the joy of accounting systems online.

"people who should know better but are too timid to speak" *grinz*

Im curious, how is it "hostile" to a user?

It's grim to debug, and will confuse your users even more when it goes wrong. "but the thingy in the box is still the same, why is it not working"

If there are superior patterns (for Business Apps) Im the first that wants to see them and this is a welcome discussion. :-)

There are many, but that's beyond the scope of this list...



Hi Chris,
Yeah I really should put a representative model online. When I do I'll invite a new wave of assaults but its all for the good. 8-) Because if people show me a better way for the kinds of apps I develope (accounting) then that would be great. On the otherhand you may be surprised at what the "stateless" machine concept can accomplish - and how elegant it is.

ps - your SimpleUserFolder Rocks!
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