On 6/22/05, Jim Vine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think I've convinced myself that the complexity of
> my app takes it beyond method 1, but I'm strugling to
> get my head around the implications of selecting
> method 2 or 3. Am I right in thinking that either of
> these will result in my building a "Product"? 


> If I
> want to add extra feature to my product on the
> development server and then port them to the live
> server (with all the data on the live server being
> left in tact), will selection of either of these
> particularly help or hinder me in this?

I don't know, because when I tried 2., it turned out to be quite
complicated, and I never understood how to do it. So I did 3. And
afterwards I have realized that even if you do understand how to do 2,
the fact that you do most of your stuff in the restricted python
scripts and dtml or ZPT, means that you have tons of limitations to go

In addition to that, you can't easily use any proper editors to edit
the code, which is very annoying.

Method 2 (aka ZClasses) simply seem to offer exactly zero benefits,
and loads of drawbacks.

Also, as mentioned earlier, unless you want to build your application
on top of one of the Zope2 content management systems around (CPS,
Plone, Silva, ...) you probably want too use Zope3 for your
application development anyway. And then only method 3 (disk based
development) is available.

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