Garito wrote:
> bruno modulix escribió:
> Hi Bruno
> http://yanged:8280/Papeles/Yanged/Links/Eliminar is an url that if I
> call it from my browser executes some python scripts that I define in a
> XML file
> Then Eliminar is a string not an object nor a method because, as I told
> you some mails ago, I has it via traverse_subpath


> The real Object (travesed) is Yanged that is a mixed object with a
> ZCatalog and a folder (like plone portal_catalog)

Ok, that's what I wanted to know...

> When I ask for Yanged/Links/Eliminar I ask to the XML file to see what
> Python Scripts or Page Templates give back to me and the I execute them
> But, I think its very interesting for me that an action url don't work
> if I submit the form but works if I call it directly from the browser.

1/ Do you call it exactly the same way ? ie:

2/ When you call it 'directly from the browser', you send a GET request.
When you call it from the form, you send a POST request. This may have
something to do with your problem... Are you sure you end up calling the
same component in both cases ? Is there any component involved that act
differently depending on the HTTP method ?

Sorry, nothing more... :(

Bruno Desthuilliers
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