Tony Addyman wrote:
Peter Bengtsson wrote:

The only negative that I know of comes with SuSE 9.3 Pro. Zope is
compiled with Python 2.4!

Why do these bastards ship Zope with an unsupported Python version...
unbelievable! Maybe a reason *not* to use Suse.

he he. I think the equivalent of using deb packages (or alike) to
install and maintain your zope is like create and maintain a zclass
project: you get started quickly but very soon you grow out of it and
the ceiling can't be raised without breaking the roof.

Does your technical expertise match your sense of humour? I have built
Python and Zope from source in the past, but that was always on a system
which had shipped with an earlier version of Python. In this case building
from source generates the following error when you start Zope. This was
python2.3.5 tar file from and zope-2.7.5, from All the
advice on the Web talks about removing old code, because DbTab is now
integrated. The error message was:

DBTab.ClassFactories.autoClassFactory could not be imported. Line 844 of

Removing python-2.4 from the system is not an option. Too many thinks link
in to it.
Tony Addyman

I'm not sure if this is the case, but it looks like, for one reason or another, your zope is starting with a different python from the one with which it was compiled.

A problem I often encountered when having different python on a server, and with python compiled with enable-shared switch on (you can check this by running ldd against the python executable).

If the library path find is not correctly set, you will end starting your newly compiled python with another python library...


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