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Godefroid Chapelle wrote:
> It's definitely better to speak about it in the open air, where we all
> will be able to think about it together.


I wasn't aware of this until ten minutes ago, and now it seems a whole
bunch of stuff has gone on, up to and including people getting shirty
with each other, which I would have liked to have known about earlier.

I'm an independent developer and I'm pretty quiet in the community, but
I've pretty much bet my livelihood on Zope - this stuff /matters/ to me!

What makes me unhappy about this is people making sweeping and
inaccurate statements which also imply bad faith. The idea that an
organisation that only registered a trademark in one territory describes
the registration of the same mark in a /different/ territory as a
"violation" is very irksome because it ignores the nature of trademark
law (in which context ZC not registering it in Europe is negligence,
plain and simple, if they want to pursue it), but infinitely more
irksome is the implication that this was somehow done in bad faith, when
what little I know about it indicates the exact opposite.

This has the potential to make the Zope community look like muppets, and
not in a good "Swedish chef" kind of way...




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