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ZC says: the marks were stolen
ZEA seems to be saying: the marks were registered defensively.

My read on this is that there is a serious communication problem going
on here between the lines. Why doesn't Paul come out and state what the
ZEA position is? Why are ZC's words so angry?

I am disappointed hearing that ZEA registered the trademarks silently already 18 months ago. The German Zope User Group (DZUG) asked ZC for permission using the Zope logo and the domain name for our community websites (which was never a problem). But in this case we would have to ask ZEA for permission as keeper of the trademarks in Europe?! I am sorry to say this but the secrecy on the ZEA side is not really acceptable. I can understand ZEA argument to have registered the trademarks for defending Zope from improper use but why did not you notify ZC or the community about it? As someone working in the Zope business I need to know who is having what and why. Such things should not kept secret when you are dealing in the open-source business. So this whole issue is a shame for the complete Zope community.


I am a casual watcher of what happens in the Zope community (I only check the development things actively).
However I believe that I knew that ZE did register the Zope logo.
(All tough "instinctively" I would have to have gone to ZC to ask for permission to use it should the need have presented itself). So I do not believe it really was a secret, neither is it a cause for disappointment. Somebody had to do it and sometimes you just have to move forward. This is fine with me if you do so as a "good" community member trying to secure things without going into to much of the legal paperwork that is sure to erupt when you deal in such affairs with an US company.

It is the handling of affairs that is .. what should I say .. fascinating.

Somehow I have the impression that we had similar exchanges on these canals amongst the same performers before.
Seems that being a good person does not necessarily mean you are a nice one.


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