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Making either side into the bad guy is not only innacurate but also
inappropriate and is not conducive to building a community around the
software we all love and are grateful to ZC and non-ZC related
programmers alike for, Zope.

Please don't say that things are "innacurate" when you
aren't involved, and have already repeated a number of
"innacuracies" yourself, which were readily available for
you to check before you repeated them...

Thankfully i'm not directly involved in these pointless  internecine
battles between ZC and one of its founders, but I am involved in the zope
community and ZC brought this issue into the community so i am involved
as is everyone else here. You don't get to make the issue public and
then tell people they aren't involved.

According to rob page's post of yesterday, Zope registered the word
"Zope" while ZEA registered the Zope logo. So when i ask why didn't ZC
register the marks earlier, i am clearly not repeating an innaccuracy,
unless you are saying that rob page's post to zope announce was innacurate.

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