Bob, you're a star!
I unpacked it, restarted Zope, and there it was!
Marvellous, I've now got a kinterbase installed that works.
Thats the good news.
The bad news is I still can't update the blob field - I still get errors. I think, unless anyone here has any more ideas, I'll have to go and bother people in another mailing list.
I've tried absolutely everything I can think of - sqlvar tags of type string and nb, trying cast(... as blob) in the sql (doesn't seem to work), I've even just tried setting it to 'Hello world', without using any dtml variables at all, and it won't accept it.
From what I've read elsewhere, there are tools in some software (mostly for Delphi I believe), that will allow updates of text blob fields, so I was hoping that kinterbasdb had something in it as well, but if it does, it isn't working on mine!!
The interbase version is 6.0-6.1, if that jogs any memories for anyone.
Thanks once again to everyone who has tried to help me.
Kind regards

Ashley Lloyd wrote:
Hi Bob,

If you don't mind doing that, I'd really appreciate it.
Nothing I seem to be trying to install at the moment seems to be working.

As with Phil, mine is from a Plone install, but I have got other versions of
Python elsewhere, (I think there's even an old Zope standalone instance
still lurking somewhere, altho I don't think it can run) just to confuse
Anyway, my Zope is even older - 2.6.1, so hopefully it'll be compatible.

Thanks very much again for your help.


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Hi Phil & Ashley,

I also have kinterbasedbDA working on Windows. It is with an older
version of Zope (2.6.4). The DA version is The kinterbasdb
version is 3.0.1. It uses a dll called _kinterbasedb.dll, instead of a
pyd. I don't remember the exact installation process anymore, but I
think I just grabbed it from another working site. If you like, I could
zip it up and send it to you.

The site uses blobs (all sub_type text) in many places, so maybe
older/other versions don't support this as well.

Bob Corriher
P-Wave Inc.

Philip Kilner wrote:

Hi Ashley,

Can't help you on the blob front...

Ashley Lloyd wrote:

I've had trouble installing kinterbase (it complains about LDAP..?), so
at the moment I use gvib. I've pencilled in quite a bit of time today to
try to get kinterbase installed.
Unfortunately I'm on Windows, which I'm guessing contributes to the
installation problems!

...but I can confirm that KIinterbaseDA works nicely on Windows - I've
been happily using it for some time, and haven't had any issues at all
(BTW, I don't use LDAP and KInterbaseDA has never mentioned it!). The
only problem I had at install time was getting my head around the
distinction between the Python part and the Zope DA part.


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