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michael nt milne wrote:
> Whether you call them objects or fields it's still clear what I want
> to do and there's no easy way to do it. Surprised someone hasn't
> developed a product tn do this. I'm looking at CMFMember and perhaps
> it will fit the bill.

There are a bunch of things to say here - first of all, it may be clear
to /you/, but it's not clear to /us/! You do need to respect the fact
that others may use different terms (or consider different things
implicit), to communicate usefully. I've become frustrated myself whilst
getting to grips (to the extent that I have!) with these tools, but it
doesn't help...what helps is chipping away at it with a positive
attitude until you arrive at some common ground.

Now you mention CMFMember, it seems that you want to add "fields"
(attributes?) to the Member "record" (object?). If you think of the ZODB
as a database, and Zope as an application server, you are now getting
into the specifics of an /application/ (CMF/Plone), and in that context
your needs are perhaps more complex than you think: You need to store
your data, yes, but you also need to integrate the capture and updating
of that data into an existing application. So you are not really asking
for a database management tool but a product which does that and more
besides - which goes to show that the terminology /is/ important!




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