Jens Vagelpohl schrieb:

> On 18 Aug 2005, at 07:50, Andreas Krasa // WUW wrote:
>> Is that worth submitting a bug to RedHat? Or is ist more like a
>> "feature"? ;)
> Why would RedHat care? They will just throw it back at you and say 
> "sorry, Zope is not one of our supported packages".
> By the way, I hope you are not running Zope on the system-installed 
> Python? If you do, then change your setups to build and install your 
> own Python just for Zope and test again.
> jens

Hi Jens,

no, we've rebuilt python (2.3.5) from sources, and, as our main Zope
product Silva requires this, also libxml2 and libxslt (of course with
pointing to our own python). This stuff all resides in /usr/local. We've
compiled Zope pointing to /usr/local/bin/python23, so I guess that
RedHat's own python RPM does not interfere with Zope, at least I hope so.

As I understood Dieter's mail, this strange behavior is caused by the
way RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 system libraries handle SIG_IGN/SIGCHLD.

If this problem was due to some improper Zope methods, most people would
have this sort of problems. Which is not the case. That makes me believe
that the failure of ZEO tests actually is caused by some uncommon or
improper implementation of those two handles - which, in my opinion,
makes it something RedHat should take a look at.

Anyway - how severe are those testing failures for actually USING a ZEO
client/server on that particular OS as a production system?

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