Firefox, Netscape and IE all show the same UTF-8 encoding not matter what I do. 
But if I choose Western manually the characters show fine.
Copy the same text out of the document and paste into a page on 2.7.5 and the 
encoding is Western.

Peter Bengtsson wrote:

I assume you use Firefox. Go to the two pages; the one that works and
the one that doesn't.
Right-click and select "Vew Page Info". Look at what it says on "Encoding"

On 9/9/05, Allen Schmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I will let you know...but it was slightly off in the specs I gave. It was a 
2.7.0 on RH9 and new install is 2.7.7 on RHE4.
If I take the offending text, cut and paste, and put on a different install of 
2.7.5 on RHE4 then the encoding works fine and the characters show fine. Mainly 
bullets, apostrophes and quotes copied from a Word doc and pasted in as text to 
a dtml document.

I changed the LANG encoding for the zope user that zope runs as. But did not 
change the root LANG encoding. If zope runs as zope does it START as zope or as 
root? (Linux novice here if you could not tell already)
This did not seem to make a difference.

Only thing I can see at this point is the difference in zope version.

Nik - I will let you know if I do find out anything.


On 9/8/05, Allen Schmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

What timing. I am going through something similar.

Had a zope 2.7.0 instance on RH9..not sure of the python.
Had a bunch customer sites in it using VHM. Nothing in front of the zope. (I 

Moved to a new server, RHE4, Zope 2.7.5 on Python 2.3.5
Just moved the Data.fs and moved products and restarted. Perfect.

Now one customer says they are seeing question marks in places where bullets 
and apostrophes, etc. should be.
Looking at the encoding the browser picks up and it always goes to UTF-8. If I 
manually switch it to Western ISO the page looks fine.

Where does this get set? In Linux? In Python? In Zope? ...and if so, where 
exactly and how to change it?

Any help appreciated.


Peter Bengtsson wrote:
Set the locale on the Zope installation in zope.conf

If you're unsure about your code, try this
$ set | grep LANG

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