Hmmm... so the page setting on both zope versions is utf-8 but on the
new zope, the text is actually shown with Western encoding.
Warning! I'm no unicode expert at all. I live and work in the UK :)

On 9/9/05, Allen Schmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Firefox, Netscape and IE all show the same UTF-8 encoding not matter what I 
> do. But if I choose Western manually the characters show fine.
> Copy the same text out of the document and paste into a page on 2.7.5 and the 
> encoding is Western.
> Thanks
>  -Allen
> Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> > I assume you use Firefox. Go to the two pages; the one that works and
> > the one that doesn't.
> > Right-click and select "Vew Page Info". Look at what it says on "Encoding"
> >
> > On 9/9/05, Allen Schmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >>I will let you know...but it was slightly off in the specs I gave. It was a 
> >>2.7.0 on RH9 and new install is 2.7.7 on RHE4.
> >>If I take the offending text, cut and paste, and put on a different install 
> >>of 2.7.5 on RHE4 then the encoding works fine and the characters show fine. 
> >>Mainly bullets, apostrophes and quotes copied from a Word doc and pasted in 
> >>as text to a dtml document.
> >>
> >>I changed the LANG encoding for the zope user that zope runs as. But did 
> >>not change the root LANG encoding. If zope runs as zope does it START as 
> >>zope or as root? (Linux novice here if you could not tell already)
> >>This did not seem to make a difference.
> >>
> >>Only thing I can see at this point is the difference in zope version.
> >>
> >>Nik - I will let you know if I do find out anything.
> >>
> >>Allen
> >>
> >>>On 9/8/05, Allen Schmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>>What timing. I am going through something similar.
> >>>>
> >>>>Had a zope 2.7.0 instance on RH9..not sure of the python.
> >>>>Had a bunch customer sites in it using VHM. Nothing in front of the zope. 
> >>>>(I know....)
> >>>>
> >>>>Moved to a new server, RHE4, Zope 2.7.5 on Python 2.3.5
> >>>>Just moved the Data.fs and moved products and restarted. Perfect.
> >>>>
> >>>>Now one customer says they are seeing question marks in places where 
> >>>>bullets and apostrophes, etc. should be.
> >>>>Looking at the encoding the browser picks up and it always goes to UTF-8. 
> >>>>If I manually switch it to Western ISO the page looks fine.
> >>>>
> >>>>Where does this get set? In Linux? In Python? In Zope? ...and if so, 
> >>>>where exactly and how to change it?
> >>>>
> >>>>Any help appreciated.
> >>>>
> >>>>Allen
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> >>>>>Set the locale on the Zope installation in zope.conf
> >>>>>
> >>>>>If you're unsure about your code, try this
> >>>>>$ set | grep LANG

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