Paul Winkler wrote:
> yep, I like working that way, and Bruno's introduction is excellent.
> One clarification however:
>>1/ You can't run zopectl debug or zopectl run while you instance is
>>running (as it locks the ZODB). The solution here is to set up a zeo
>>instance (this is really easy), and have 2 zope instances, one serving
>>the web requests, the other being used for debug/run
> That's a bit misleading.
> With ZEO, you don't need two full instances (by which i mean directories
> containing their own etc, bin, var, and log subdirectories).
> You can run the Zeo server AND one Zope server out of a single instance
> home at the same time; and since your zopectl scripts won't normally
> involve starting up on a tcp/ip port, you can run those from the same
> instance too.  I do it all the time.
Woops ! Seems obvious when explained, but I missed that point. Doh :(
Thanks Paul, this will simplify my sandbox setup scripts !-)

Bruno Desthuilliers
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