ZODB size
What is the maximum size of this file and/or maximum object ID?
=> just how many objects can the zodb hold? millions? tens of millions..?? billions...??? I have a feeling we'll run out of ram long before actually hitting the limit but it'd be nice to know the theoretical top limit.

There is no answer to this question because it cannot be answered. No one has come against a "limit" yet as far as I know. Hitting RAM limits depends on the settings you apply to the Zope/ZEO instance(s) that serve(s) the content and how much RAM you put in, you can control ZODB memory cache size via zope.conf. No one sets up Zope so that the whole ZODB is loaded into memory, if that's what you mean.

Zeo and Cataloging
If I have my site on one server and ZCatalog (using TextIndexNG) on another server (connected by ZEO) where does the actual index operation occur? Do just the results get propogated to the catalog?

The actual indexing operation happens on the Zope/ZEO instance, and the resulting database changes are applied to the respective storage where the catalog resides when the transaction commits.

LDAP Authentication
I understand that can use the LDAPUserFolder Product to provide authentication against an ldap server. Could I throw,say, 50000+ users at zope using this system?

I see no problems with that. It doesn't matter one bit to the LDAPUserFolder (or the Zope security machinery) how many user records you have in the DIT. If there are any slowdowns as the number of user records increases it is most likely due to misconfigurations on the LDAP server itself, such as bad indexing or overcomplicateed/ unnecessary access control checks.

Load Balancing and Cookie Based Sessions
Currently we use cookie based sessions via cookie crumbler presumably in a load balanced server setup we'd have to host acl_users ona ZEO'd izope instance somewhere on the backend?

Cookie crumbler has nothing to do with sessions. All it does is set/ read a cookie with credentials and then "fake" regular HTTP authentication with this data. There is no state information being stored on the server side, so in a ZEO setup it does not matter which ZEO client you hit.


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