Sat, 08 Oct 2005 11:21:07 -0700 keltezéssel Greg Fischer azt írta:
>> >
>> > I would love to have a product (called ZAjax :) that simply receives a
>> > request from the client and spits out xml. To be more specific, a set
>> > of classes that call ZSQL methods and retrieve records, then send that
>> > back in xml format.
>> We've had this built in to Zope for a long time in the form of XML- RPC.
>> There are several JavaScript libraries that implement an XML- RPC
>> client, the best in my recollection being vcXMLRPC.

or you might also want to have a look at jsonserver2, which is an
out-of-the box solution for asynchronous communication between zope and
the javascript client. It uses JSON-RPC which is in usage similar to
xml-rpc. Basically you map the zope object that produces the dynamic
data via url to a javascript method. This method is then called
synchronously or used asynchronously via a callback. Whatever the zope
object returns, should it be a html snippet rendered out by zpt, or raw
data (all python builtin data types and lists, dicts etc) becomes the
return value of the remote method.

How you inject the received into your page or manipulate this data
afterwards is out of the scope of JSON: you can use your well known
libraries for this, or you can use some other functionality of the
included JSOLAIT library: it is your choice. Point is, at this point you
don't need to parse the received data from XML or whatever: it arrives in
a native javascript structure. (Of course you can also generate XML with
say, ZPT on the server side, and transfer it as a string, would that be
your purpose, but that's usually out of point in this case.) 

In the above link there are also some simple examples included for your
experimentation right away.

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