Vangelis Mihalopoulos wrote:

Tino Wildenhain wrote:

The threading is handled by the ZDA, so you can use query() or what
the method actually is.

I couldn't find a method like that... any hints?

Have a look at the ZSQL methods code, I remember this being pretty old and convoluted :-(

Otoh, what do you think you gain from
circumventing ZSQL Methods?

Well, i am running zope under root privileges in "read-only" mode.

What does this mean? What are you seeking to do or prevent?

If there is a Zope break-in,

What does that mean?

i want to minimize interference with the database.

Which database?

Also, since this will be a commercial product, keeping most of the code in compiled python scripts is meaningful.

As Jens already explained, .pyc's and pyo's can be decompiled in a matter of minutes, so you're getting nothing for this worry other than finding debugging a pain ;-)



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