J├╝rgen Herrmann wrote:
hmm, i'm a bit confused now. do you say that changeOwnershipType() only
has to do with "executeable ownership"?

Yep, I think so...

especially i have to know which methods of the IOwned interface are
essential and have to be reimplemented properly on my objects.

Why do you think you need to implement IOwned?

...but the fog is clearing up a little bit now, i thought that the
"owner" role would be completely dynamically assigned to a user by
getRolesInContext, now i see that this is done at object creation time
and more than one user can have the local role "owner" on an object.

The Owner role is something of a dead chicken. Don't rely on it and ignore it as best you can unless you're really sure what you're doing...

for my use cases i'd prefer to let getRolesInContext() add the "owner"
role to it's return list if the (runtime and proprietary) owner check
tells it to. any contraindications (besides performance, possibly)?

Well, confusion. I'd just get a new role name and use that for whatever you want to do...



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