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Garth B. wrote:
What the heck! I get the exact same error with a fresh instance of
2.8.4!  Am I just not installing this correctly?

You'll see the problem if you start Zope in debug mode:
TextIndexNG3/adapters/configure.zcml depends on ATContentTypes.

Ups.......... mea culpa...I have not thought of this dependency...I'll
thinkn about how to resolve this issue in a hopefully sane way...

However when I run TXNG with a bare Zope 2.8 installation then Zope fails to start in a sane way with an error message telling you that there is a ZCML configuration error because the ATCT classes are not available but I can not see the error message you posted earlier.

If you turn off debug mode Zope starts up with broken ZCML configuration. (Don't know why - Zope is seriously broken in that case and you don't see any useful error messages.)

Maybe you need Five 1.2 to see the error Garth posted earlier. The i18n machinery of Five doesn't work without the utilities set up by ZCML.

Cheers, Yuppie

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