Hi, thanks for the reply.

> > 1) I can download a 170M file but not a 180M file through the
> > http server. With the larger file request we get a 500 error in
> > the trace log. The download box pops up but nothing is actually
> > downloaded.
> If there's a 500 error in the trace or access log, there should
> be something in your error_log too.  Traceback please?

None. Zippo. Squat. I've turned on 'ALL' logging in zope.conf for all
logs. All I get is a simple entry in the Z2.log thus: - cwilton [08/Dec/2005:18:38:46 +0300] "GET
/dali/downloads/180M.tar HTTP/1.1" 500 272 "" "Opera/8.5 (X11; Linux
i686; U; en-GB)"

And an equally unhelpful entry in the trace log:
2005-12-08T18:45:23 B 1131651340 2005-12-08T18:45:23 GET
2005-12-08T18:45:23 I 1131651340 2005-12-08T18:45:23 0
2005-12-08T18:45:24 A 1131651340 2005-12-08T18:45:24 500 272
2005-12-08T18:45:24 E 1131651340 2005-12-08T18:45:24

Nothing at all in our error log (stderr and stdout for zope process
redirected to logfile) or the event log.

Thanks for the advice on ftp; I might look at newer Zopes, but we'd
rather not have to use zope's ftp (for reasons including those you
pointed out), as our content should be reachable through the http
server; I'd rather tackle that problem.

> LocalFS doesn't support properties at all AFAIK.
Bummer. Anyhow, see above about wanting to avoid ftp...

> > and Zope creates the link to the local directory with user Zope,
> > group Zope, permissions 660 ...
> You're talking about Zope permissions and filesystem permissions
> in the same sentence ...
Sorry, that was a bit muddled, what I meant was when I list dir
contents using ftp, I see my LocalFS object listed there with 'owner'
Zope, 'group' Zope, and mods 660 as far as ftp is concerned. The
security settings in zope are the ones that I seem unable to change
for a LocalFS object. Well, they're clickable, but the changes don't
seem to stick. Again, bummer, but again, I was hoping it'd be

Any obvious config settings I might be missing?

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