Here are my ideas to make Zope 3 the most successful framework ever:

Make them love Zope at the very first look:

   * Make installing Zope a double-click or one-command-only experience and
   * offer a 30 minutes tutorial of programming an useful application
     including an audiovisual show for an appetizer that offers a feeling
     of success.

Enable the beginners:

   * Easy to read and understand ‹ but still complete and current ‹
     documentation is a must.
   * Avoid cluttering everything about Zope across articles, blogs, chats,
     mailing lists and wikis. Keep everything available and searchable at
     one central location.

I think "Make them love Zope at the very first look" and "Enable the Beginner" is on the 
same issue , I consider my self a beginner and trying to learn Zope I found many resources on google but a 
little bit of "chaos" , a better united source from the central Zope ( it is required. I 
is a shame to know that there is a big help and a big community but not so well united and organized.
Zope Book 2.7 it is in the same stage it was before 3,5 months ago when I 
started to reading it with some example only in DTML when Zope encourage 
leaving DTML for ZPT.
The how-to section 
 have *_only_* 3 post's for the year *2005 *!!!
A Zope editor is a must or to find another way more flexible ! external editor 
product it is steel a way but a ugly way in my opinion (no offense for the 
product) , to add numbers on every line when coding it will be a big step.

I don't want to blame the official Zope team , the are running with hard work 
for sure. It is just that Zope can do so much thing's compare to other products 
out there but important details have been left unaccomplished...

I hope the point of this mail is to make Zope better and not to be considered 
as an accusation or an attack...

Zope need and can become better :)

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