Jeff Gentry wrote:
I wish I could post some relevent code but the code base but given that
I'm not at all sure what section of the code might be causing this and the
code base is several thousand lines long, that'sn ot really possible :(

I'm afraid that what you need to do is get as small as possible an example that reproduces the problem by hacking out lots of your code until the problem stops occuring. Doing this usually helps me fix the problem, but if not, you can at least post the answer here ;-)

What I was hoping was that people might have some ideas as to what I might
be doing wrong here (and admittedly I tought myself Zope & Python mostly
from other Zope products and trial & error so there might be some key
issue that I'm totally missing).

- Do any of your attribute names start with _v_ ?

- You may be running into problems with Acquisition and differing acquisition contexts...



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