Subject: Re: Zope vs Plone: performance issues!
Alexander Limi wrote:

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 00:11:04 -0800, Dario Lopez-Kästen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Start by checking the ZODB cache numbers in the zope-conf file (too start simple). IIRC, the default is 5000 objects. Increase that to, say 50.000 or so (you mention that you have a busy site).

Sorry, but this is not good advice. 5000 objects in the cache is normally plenty, and you should look into caching the front-end before you even consider this. 50K objects in the cache will eat *a lot* of memory, and most likely cause swapping.

Cache properly with Apache or Squid in front first, then investigate the more complex settings.

Does this apply for personanlsied content as well? Remember, his site is
 an intranet.

We at least, have had good results by increasing the internal ZODB
caching. I fail to see how squid could help us with a site that is
mostly non-static. It would be nicer of course if we could use some
other kind of caching, so I am always open to suggestions :-)


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