I'm trying to do the cut in one script and the paste in another script. It's
my understanding that REQUEST is an optional parameter to
manage_cutObjects(). Passing REQUEST will set a cookie, __cp. __cp is the
clipboard data. Later when I try to do manage_pasteObjects() from another
script, I always get a "cookie data is truncated" message regardless of how
I try to pass in the clipboard data. I should be able to just do:

That doesn't work. I still get the "cookie data is truncated" message. I get
the same message if I do:

I know that there are, in fact, objects on the clipboard because I can just
print context.cb_dataItems()
return printed

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It seems like you can have cut and paste
happen in separate scripts. Is that not true?


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Palermo, Tom wrote at 2006-3-7 16:13 -0500:
>I am trying to do a manage_cutObjects in one script and then a 

Usually, this looks like:

         obj_info = XXX.manage_cutObjects(...)

>When I execute this line from my pasteObjects python

Do not know, why in hell you pass in a crippled request...

  You should be aware that "req['__cp']" is not a request object...

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