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I'm doing single sign-on using Apache+mod_ntlm+FastCGI. Since the last is
deprecated, is there any alternative?

Fernando Martins

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during the next 4 weeks we will be prototyping a site.
One of the request we have to meet is SSO using
Active Directory to manage the users. One of the request
we *should* meet (I declined to commit ourselfs for this feature)
is that a user when logged into Windows she is automaticaly logged into
Plone. The server is running on a Linux box (SuSE 9.3 or later)
No idea yet whether this is possible yet, and I have read all related info with interest.
If you like we can try to join forces.




You can python + COM your way to a browser startup zope/plone login screen. I cannot see how you automate the authentication of a given browser instance that is then handed to your users.

Maybe someone will correct this.  If so everyone's happy.

Of course, you could make your plone site anonymous if you feel your secure by the time they get there.


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**   No cross posts or HTML encoding!  **
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