Gaute Amundsen wrote:
> I want to retrieve the form fields in the order that they where submitted in 
> the http POST. I know this has been brought up before, and that the answer is 
> "You cant."
> For zope to refuse to expose this information to me is really quite arrogant 
> and un-unix like behavior. After all unix lets you do "rm -rf /"...

I'd say blaming zope for not reading the docs is somewhat arrogant .-)

> Now in addition to that, it happens that I have almost a hundred forms 
> scattered around maybe 50 sites that all used to use the script, 
> that now use our own zope based workalike.

After all, modularized rewrite would not be so bad I guess ;)

> That is, it can not "work-alike" because zope discards the information I need 
> to make it so!
> To painstakingly alter them all to add this sequence ordering information, 
> just because zope refuses to do as every other scripting system out there 
> that I am aware of, is just out of the queston.

Sorry, not getting the problem. Last time I saw the,
it used named form variables. You can easily access form variables
by name in Zope.

> My best Idea so far, is to use the apache proxying we use anyway, to run all 
> requests to this url through a small perl or php proxy, that ads the ordering 
> info to the POST.
> Does anyone have any better ideas?
Yes. Give the description of your real problem. With more details please!
Show example form as it is and where exactly your problem is.

I've yet to see a form problem zope cant handle (provided
the information is actually sent by the browser)

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