On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 09:54:15AM +0200, Erik Billing wrote:
> Btw, what editor would you recommend for writing python outside Zope. I've
> frequently used Eclipse with PyDev before, but it's a bit slow and heavy.
> I've looked around a bit on the free editors without finding anything I like
> so I'm thinking it might be worth trying a commercial editor. What do you
> guys use?

Emacs :-)
It takes a bit of work to get it set up nicely, but there are some
really nice features like good pdb integration.

e.g. try this:  put a "pdb.set_trace()" somewhere in your code, and
then run the program from a shell within emacs - e.g. you can start a
shell by typing "M-x shell", and then type the command to run your
program.  When you enter pdb, you can step around
the code and emacs shows you where you are in another buffer, opening
modules as you step into them. I've said it before: All hail Ken Manheimer!

I'm sure plenty of IDEs can do stuff like that, but I'm surprised how
many emacs users don't seem to know it's there.

(dunno if all that works on Windows, never tried.)

The code-completion support is pretty rudimentary, though.  It seems to
only be good for repeating symbols already in your source file.

And no built-in browsing of documentation afaict.


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