>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Chris> ZCatalog ships as a standard part of Zope, no need to download.
Chris> It's covered extensively in the zope book on Plope.org...

Chris> Not everything is as hard as some people manage to make it ;-)

OK, thanks. I hope you'll agree though that the three excerpts below from
http://www.zope.org/Documentation/How-To/ZCatalogTutorial do give the clear
impression that ZCatalog is available as a separate standalone entity and is
available somewhere as ZCatalog-x-x.tgz for download.

|    * Usable outside of Zope. The software is broken into a Python Catalog
|      which wrapped by a ZCatalog. The Python Catalog can be used in any
|      Python program; all it requires is the Z object database and the
|      indexing machinery from Zope.

|    * The ZCatalog is a free, Open Source part of the Zope software
|      repository and thus is covered under the same license as Zope. It is
|      being developed in conjunction with the Zope Portal Toolkit
|      effort. However, the ZCatalog product is managed as its own module in
|      CVS.

|    Installing ZCatalog
|    ZCatalog can be downloaded from the Zope download area and is also a
|    module in the public CVS for Zope. Untar it while in the root directory
|    of your Zope installation:
|       $ cd Zope-2.0.0a3-src/
|       $ tar xzf ../ZCatalog-x.x.tgz

Or, do you really want to shoot the messenger? :-)

BTW, I did see the ZCatalog stuff in the Zope2 tarball, but I assumed that
was the Zope Product, not the implied standalone.

Anyway, I'll get on with it. Thanks.

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