Hi Andreas. I have been experimenting with creating backend storages for zope. There is no traceback or error that appears in the error log or event log. My hunch is that the message may be erroneous and that access to the storage is being blocked since the database I am currently experimenting with is not thread safe. I am trying to handle this with a connection pool. I believe that the block is cleared with first two requests that don't succeed - since each time it would be calling a new thread. I believe the reason that this is only occurring on startup is because zope has to load objects with the initial threads to the storage before serving requests.


Andreas Jung wrote:

--On 7. Mai 2006 09:04:54 -0300 David Pratt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I've got a bit more information from my Z2.log:

On a normal startup attempt with data.fs:

I get one or two lines with "HEAD /VirtualHostBase/http/:80/ HTTP/1.1"
200 312 "" ""  as the anonymous
Then a GET 200 code (ok) when I authenticate at the /manage URL

On the new storage:
No "HEAD" lines appear as the anonymous user and the first two GETs to
the /manage URL give a 500 code (internal server error)

The following error appears on the browser:
Error Type: TypeError
Error Value: unbound method method_descriptor object must be called with
Application instance as first argument (got RequestContainer instance

What is a hybrid storage? Where is the full traceback? You posting contains very little useful information to figure out what you are really trying to do.


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