Dennis Allison wrote:
LocalFS product (1.3-andreas) seems to be having a problem with the
<dtml-tree> tag in Zope 2.9.2/Python 2.4.2.

Then don't use DTML, it does, after all suck (tm) ;-)

The problem seems to be with the tpValues() program in the LocalFS product
which returns an empty list.

then tpValues() is likely wrong for localfs, unless localfs doesn't want to play ball with the tree tag. Given that the tree tag is used by the zmi, and you don't really want to display potentially millions of sub-objects in the zmi, it might be perfectly legitimate for local-fs to do what it's doing...

There seems to be some trickery going on with the isPrincipiaFolderish and the tree_view attributes, but I don't quite get what's supposed to happen. SmileyChris? I think these were your mods.

Not me, I don't smile, but you knew that already ;-)

Incidentally, the ZMI panel which uses <dtml-tree> seems to have the same
sort of problems I am seeing when there is a LocalFS.

See my comments above.

I'd roll your own code without using dtml and just iterate over the objectIds method...



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