Andrew Sawyers wrote:
It then came to technology.  Some cared some didn't.  I personally
didn't if the result was something which the community could be proud of
and not make excuses for as they directed people to the site.

I'd add the caveat that it needs to be stable maintainable software that isn't going to cause the problems the current software has, even though it was the "latest and greatest" when it was introduced.

has offered resources to accomplish this to finally happen.  They
currently have taken the artistic work done by Tom Von Lahndorff

Yay! Tom's stuff rocked!

A group of people in the (Plone) community have volunteered
their time and resources to put together an improved,
**interim** site.

Meh, so that'll be interim for the next 5 to 10 years, right? ;-)

* The site will be set up with the same software that runs

*insert plohn rant here*

  PloneSoftwareCenter for software distribution.  For bug
  tracking, either links to the existing ZC trackers or
  a Trac installation.

*insert Trac rant here*

* and software updates will be done at the
same time and by the same people. The more similar the code/products are, the simpler it will be to update them in parallel.

*insert "snowball's chance in helL" rant here*

* will be hosted outside of ZC's servers.  I believe
  Bas has lined up a suitable box similar to the one that
  runs (dual P4-class processors, lots of memory).

Um, no. I'd much prefer to see it stay as part of ZC's cluster of managed machines... I feel great comfort that knowing the infrastructure runs on form part of a setup that can handle 4000 requests/second if we really needed it to ;-)

  See for an initial a mock-up.  The existing
  concept of membership for uploading bit-rot content will be retired.

*insert but-that' rant here*

* The site should acknowledge contributors in a overt fashion.
"Zope Rock Stars" who have risen up above the call of duty,

God I hate these "rock star" phrases...

Ah well, this meta-ranting is much quicker and easier...

Honestly, if it works, and its fast and stable and has bug trackers on it, and I can download Zope and CMF from it, I'm happy...

I can't stump up time to work on anything, so I know I forfeit my right to complain, and will just have to watch nervously from the sidelines...


Chris - what? so this is, like, omgnyazop? ;-)

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