I did try send() - it seems one must know something about RFC822 message formatting to use it...? I know nothing about that, and could not quickly find any clear and concise howtos or tutorials, just verbose and confusing specs and mailing list posts and so on.

I tried using send() with the same plain text body and from and to strings I was using for simple_send() case it might work... When the mail arrived, some of the header content was in the body and not in the header.
It did arrive at all addresses in the To: field, I will admit... :-)
But the header was broken somehow, I assume because I didn't know how to format it correctly.
That was all the time I had to mess with it for now.

John S.

Andreas Jung wrote:

--On 18. Juli 2006 21:23:59 -1000 John Schinnerer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


Thanks all for the suggestions...for the time being I can do what I need
by sending to only one address.
It was trying to test the send by sending to multiple addresses (mine and
others') that brought this out...
I will try a list next time I need multiple addresses in the To: field.

Why don't you use the send() method which works perfectly fine with multiple
recipient addresses???



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