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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Maybe because your post is *off topic* because it has nothing at all to do with Zope?
VHM is Zope. This is NOT off topic!!!!! The problem is getting VHM to work with Apache!

Please take this to a Apache list or a BSD list where it belongs.

Two of the other posts were to Apache and NOBODY responded. Look, MY SERVER'S DOWN!!! This is not off topic, and I hope to heck somebody will help me because I can't google up the answer and I'm at a loss and I've got clients that are pissed! I hope you will help me.

Your clients *should* be pissed. You "upgraded" an important piece of software, apparently without any testing, and apparently without any emergency backup plan.

I don't use BSD and I never build Apache by hand, I use packages provide by my Linux distribution. I cannot help with building Apache by hand, sorry. And even though you claim that this is a Zope problem, I maintain it isn't - the fact that you need Apache to access Zope does not make this a Zope issue. You're failing to build and configure Apache correctly.


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