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On 9/2/06, Jonathan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
As an experiment, can you try running zeoctl as the root user?  If this
works, then it is definitely a problem with the permissions that your 'zope' user has (the error you described is normally a permissions related error).

Running 'zeoctl start' as root does not help, however if I edit
zeo.conf and change:
user zope
user root

and then run zeoctl start, it works.

so it seems it certainly is permission related, but I'm not sure where
to go from here, as the .py files related to zeoctl and runzeo are
beyond my level of understanding.

The zeo.conf that I am running (Zope 2.9.2) has the 'user' entry commented out:

 program $INSTANCE/bin/runzeo
 socket-name $INSTANCE/etc/zeo.zdsock
 daemon true
 forever false
 backoff-limit 10
 exit-codes 0, 2
 directory $INSTANCE
 default-to-interactive true
 # user zope
 python /usr/local/bin/python
 zdrun /usr/local/Zope-2.9.2/lib/python/zdaemon/zdrun.py

 # This logfile should match the one in the zeo.conf file.
 # It is used by zdctl's logtail command, zdrun/zdctl doesn't write it.
 logfile $INSTANCE/log/zeo.log

I don't usually run zeoctl manually (my CentOS 4.3 system starts it at boot time), but when I do I am running as 'root' and it works fine.


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