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On 6 Sep 2006, at 02:04, Fred Drake wrote:

On 9/5/06, Carlos de la Guardia <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I frequently blog about Zope, and recently posted a list of 10 reasons why I think Zope 3 is kind of invisible to the Python community (see my blog at ). One of the things that I talk about in
that post is that the Zope community tends to interact more through its
mailing lists than its blogs, as opposed to other so-called modern
frameworks, like Django and Turbogears.

Interesting.  I've always considered blogs to be fairly invisible
since I have to go look for them, whereas for mailing lists I can sign
up for things I'm interested in.

Exactly. This is a matter of taste, nothing else. Mailing list email comes to me. Blogs I have to seek out and go there. Sorry, too much effort for much hot air of dubious quality ;)

Lol, and lists like this one here do NOT have hot air of dubious quality?

It *is* a matter of taste, sure. However, the effects of buzz through blogging cannot be denied. My blog for instance is in the aggregator, which has made at least a few Pythonistas aware of it. If Zope were to appear there more often, perhaps it won't be forgotten that often anymore.

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