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On 6 Sep 2006, at 11:11, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Interesting.  I've always considered blogs to be fairly invisible
since I have to go look for them, whereas for mailing lists I can sign
up for things I'm interested in.
Exactly. This is a matter of taste, nothing else. Mailing list email comes to me. Blogs I have to seek out and go there. Sorry, too much effort for much hot air of dubious quality ;)

Lol, and lists like this one here do NOT have hot air of dubious quality?

I get the hot air on the lists without effort, that was my point.

It *is* a matter of taste, sure. However, the effects of buzz through blogging cannot be denied. My blog for instance is in the planet.python.org aggregator, which has made at least a few Pythonistas aware of it. If Zope were to appear there more often, perhaps it won't be forgotten that often anymore.

I'm not denying there is buzz through blogging, I'm just saying I see no reason for myself to jump on the blog bandwagon. I have a very dim view on blogs and a lot of bloggers. <- warning: personal opinion


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