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I know it has been asked many times which os is best for zope, I have
yet to see a 'system administration perspective' in the discussion. By
this I mean which os seems to have the most worry free administration
of a zope instances. I have installed zope on both FreeBSD and various
linucies and here is what I have observed:

1) Freebsd ports collection is an easy way to install zope -- the
ports maintainer takes care of making the build files to handle all the
zope dependencies including python versions, libraries, etc. However,
I have yet to use portupgrade to apply security patches to zope
instances running on freebsd. Does anyone know of using cvsupdate for
getting security patches works over the ports collection of zope

Don't depend on packages. It is the safest way to use the source code
distributions. The sources code distro is recommended and supported. In case of packages you depend often on a single maintainer.

2) I've run zope on Red Hat and Suse linux. In both cases I found that
I needed to install a different version of python than the one
packaged with the distro becuase Zope had specific dependencies for
new versions python. Applying patches to zope is manual. It has always
been very inconvenient to build python and PIL in a separate run
instances for zope. This seems like a major pain in the ...

Using a Python source installation is also highly recommended. System Python installation often have issues that lead to unpredictable failures. So
choose either between the hassles with a clean Python source installation or
with system Python installation.

4) I am very interested to know how others manage zope sites. Are
there any best practices? Are there any linux distributions that are
more kind to zope than others -- meaning they don't have dependencies
on old python versions, or they have a very good patch system (debian
apt updates for zope??)

The Linux distro really does not matter. The discussions about different Linux distros are just esoteric. The major distros like Debian, Fedora Core, Redhat, Suse are all working. And maintaining Zope instances on such systems is nearly always the same. You install Python and Zope from the sources and that's it. So please no further discussions about which Linux distribution is the best...that's off-topic.


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