I am new to Zope and I plan to develop a small web site. I am developing at the
moment on windows although the final site will go under Linux.

I am almost finished reading the zope book.

First thing, it was difficult to download Zope. The website lists two versions
of zope 2.9.x and 2.10.x , none of which has a windows installer, although the
book explicitely said there should be one :-)

I had to get back to 2.9.4 to get a windows installer, that would not work out
of the box.

I was also confused of whether I should use zope 2 or zope 3. The zope book does
not mention anything about it, but I soon figured out that the zope book seem to
be made for zope 2.

I also had a look at different products but it is very difficult to tell if they
are for zope 3 or zope 2. Or is zope 3 backward compatible with zope 2 ?

Is there any doc about zope 3 ? Since the book is made for zope 2, I think I'll
stay with that one. I can not go without documentation.

As a newcomer, I must say that the documentation is not very consistent or easy
to find. Many resources speak about a zope wiki, which does not exist anymore.
Another zope wiki is available, but is not cited in the main documentation page.
The main wiki page is a huge list of modules, where it is difficult to find
one's path. I assume the wiki is mainly for developers, not for users, right ?

The main documentation page of zope also points to zdp.zope.org as a
documentation project effort, but the website does not exist. :-(

Now, the second step. I now have a basic understanding of how zope works thank
to the zope book. I want to start developing my website. I had a look at the
different products available and my god ! there are hundreds of them.

So, I am asking for advice. My website is going to be fairly simple. I need a
user base which I don't expect to grow beyond 100 users, and for each user I
need a pretty typical login/register/lost your password page and probably a
cookie based session tracking.

Any product that covers my needs ? I had a quick look at a few user products,
but most of them seem to be targetted to authenticate users through external
resources (database, apache, ...) while I just need the good old cookie way.

        Thanks in advance,

        Philippe Fremy

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