I'm having a few problems with a mini application I recently developed with
Zope. It has to do with the permissions settings. The idea behind my
application is that it will only be used by one person. This person has his
own username and password (there is an ACL Users folder within my
application's folder, with this person's name, password and role).

My applicaction's directory hierarcy is as follows:

---- Application main folder.
    ---- Pages
    ---- Lib
         ---- Python
         ---- SQL methods

The Application main folder has "View" permission for the role to which the
user in the ACL Users folder belongs.

Everything seems to work right at first. This user is able to access the
index page of the application,... but when he tries to navigate to a
specific page (let's call it "main_gestion_html", he gets an insufficient
permissions message.

The problem may lay in the fact that "main_gestion_html" uses data session
variables, and most important of all, python methods from another
application (let's call it ZVVB2), which is located outside the Application
main folder. I tried creating a new ACL user in this other ZVVB2 folder...
but I still get the same access denied message.

I really need help on this. I've been stuck with this for the last few days
and I don't know what else to try.

Any input will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
Jose Carlos.
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