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Jose Carlos Balderas Alberico wrote:
> Greetings.
> I'm having a few problems with a mini application I recently developed with
> Zope. It has to do with the permissions settings. The idea behind my
> application is that it will only be used by one person. This person has his
> own username and password (there is an ACL Users folder within my
> application's folder, with this person's name, password and role).
> My applicaction's directory hierarcy is as follows:
> ---- Application main folder.
>      ---- Pages
>      ---- Lib
>           ---- Python
>           ---- SQL methods
> The Application main folder has "View" permission for the role to which the
> user in the ACL Users folder belongs.
> Everything seems to work right at first. This user is able to access the
> index page of the application,... but when he tries to navigate to a
> specific page (let's call it "main_gestion_html", he gets an insufficient
> permissions message.
> The problem may lay in the fact that "main_gestion_html" uses data session
> variables, and most important of all, python methods from another
> application (let's call it ZVVB2), which is located outside the Application
> main folder. I tried creating a new ACL user in this other ZVVB2 folder...
> but I still get the same access denied message.
> I really need help on this. I've been stuck with this for the last few days
> and I don't know what else to try.
> Any input will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
> Jose Carlos.

The Zope security policy requires that users accessing a protected
resource be defined in a user folder which is "in scope" -- i.e., the
user folder must be in a containment path which is "above" ZVV82 as a
parent or grandparent.

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